ZAS Welcomes Spring 2014 New Members

Spring 2014 ZAS Neophyte presentation     In March 2014, ZAS welcomed two new members, Arianna Ray and Danielle Nelson, into our sisterhood.  A native of South Carolina, Soror Arianna Ray, is a graduate student and Resident Hall Director at the University of West Georgia.  A native of Bronx, New York, Soror Danielle Nelson is an associate with insert name.  Below are a few highlights of their neophyte presentation with included Fall 2013 initiate, Hope Smith. sigmalean2 photoalbum43alphas10247504_10152386530242728_3186172144854260256_n10157356_10152386530182728_847678125438200502_n10153658_10152386530032728_4187307319052130599_n1947585_10152386530287728_7030174649738672194_n1484100_10152386530162728_5253442063249450792_n

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